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“I find Dean & Provost to be indispensable reading for tracking what's happening in today's rapidly changing world of colleges and universities. The special reports are always light-years ahead of other higher education publications in terms of keying into trends and patterns that are only just emerging. Dean & Provost is a radar screen and time machine all rolled up into one publication!”
Ronald J. Chenail, Ph.D.,, assistant to the president for academic affairs,
Nova Southeastern University, Fort Lauderdale, Fla

Your one-stop source for the latest news, legal developments, and specific strategies you can use right away to address:

  • The budget crunch
  • Veterans returning to college
  • Faculty training
  • FERPA compliance
  • Students with psychological disabilities
  • Crisis management
  • Interdepartmental collaboration
  • And much more!

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  1. Avoid time-consuming and embarrassing OCR litigation and investigations
  2. New approaches to conquer your daily management challenges
  3. Learn of pending laws and regulations so you can prepare for their impact
  4. Hear directly from your peers about their successful policies and programs
  5. Read how institutions are redesigning their curriculum to attract best-fit students and function more efficiently

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Dean & Provost gives you a new perspective on the complex issues arising from your diverse responsibilities. You learn your colleagues’ tried-and-proven solutions to the same problems you face—saving you valuable time spent searching for all the answers.

Dean & Provost’s featured columns wrap up the latest trends and significant developments affecting how you manage your institution. Including:

  • Lawsuits & Rulings—Alerts you to court cases and OCR complaints brought by students, parents, and faculty—so you can avoid the mistakes that landed other institutions in legal hot water.
  • Focus on Leadership—Gives you the chance to get to know your colleagues, learn their personal challenges and leadership philosophies, and discover programs that have been successful on their campuses.
  • Executive Management—Teaches you strategies to handle your daily challenges, such as managing your time, dealing with stress, fostering interdepartmental communication, and ensuring your policies are legally sound.
  • What Would You Do?—Presents case studies of common scenarios encountered by campus leaders, with solutions offered by your colleagues.
  • News Briefings/Resources—the latest research and other news that could impact your institution, plus keeps you informed of critical resources available.
  • The Advisory Board Speaks—Board members offer advice on critical topics, such as leading your unit through the recession, making dean/provost relationships work, and preparing for the possibility of campus violence.
  • Faculty/staff development—You'll learn what has worked at other institutions to engage and energize faculty and staff members.
  • Community Colleges—Covers key topics such as innovative degree programs, strategic planning initiatives, and student support strategies successfully used by two-year institutions.
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  • Meet the Editor

    Joan Hope
    Managing Editor

    Joan Hope became editor of Dean & Provost in 2007. She brings years of experience in higher education and journalism to her work. She has taught writing and literature courses for eight years at colleges and universities including Indiana University at Bloomington, Clark University, and Houston Community College
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