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2017 SCUP Fellows Program / Accepting Applications
Address challenges law schools face with an innovative dean
Apply Policies Consistently With an Easy-to-Understand Format
Assess risk to strengthen governance in 2014
Attract, retain a diverse faculty with strategies that work
Avoid potholes on the road to implementing your strategic plan
Build a strong community of adult learners to benefit the whole campus
Collaborate with other institutions to innovate, achieve goals
Collaborate, communicate for effective budgeting
Conduct Research, Gain Buy-In for Merit Pay
Consider Hiring Options for Two-Career Couples
Consider how MOOCs could change higher education
Consider opportunities for a successful African partnership
Consider professional development needs for yourself, new administrators
Consider Whether your Institution Needs a Program Prioritization Plan
Create a comprehensive
crisis management plan
Create a crisis communications plan to guide your institution, protect its reputation
Create a good process to make assessment effective
Create spaces that support learning goals
Don’t be afraid to mentor a millennial
Ease implementation of revenue-generating noncredit, competency-based courses
Encourage Chairs to be Active Agents in Budget Process
Encourage, support faculty to enable greater interaction with students
Engage faculty members in student recruitment and retention with these strategies
Ensure good teaching, accountability with effective faculty evaluations
Establish a campus culture of leadership sustainability
Evaluate transcript credit hours to determine campus cost-effectiveness
Exercise patience, preparation and perseverance to land your dream job
Experiences as a higher ed attorney yield valuable lessons on campus leadership
Ex-prof’s defense for plagiarism case doesn’t work
Facilitate transfer, degree completion with concurrent enrollment program
Get a smooth start on construction planning with FLEXspace
Get your campus ready for Generation Z
Good decision-making starts with policy
Help busy students succeed with 24/7 online support
Hire an exceptional president with Aspen toolkit
How to learn and use your institution's student voting rates
Institutions communicate tenure, promotion requirements
Integrate Strategic Planning Efforts Using Effective Technology
Is the provost job right for you?
Know How to Respond to the Most Challenging Legal Issues
Leadership is an art, Part II
Learn 7 ways Tennessee community colleges doubled completion rates
Learn strategies you can use every day from handbook for academic deans
Learn the fundamentals of fundraising to help your unit advance
Learn What Nutritional Science Can Teach Academic Administrators
Long-term success results from innovation, teamwork
Make Plans to Preserve Your Historic Buildings, Landscapes
Make the case for the importance of liberal-arts education
Preparation is the Key to Being Selected for a Chief Academic Officer Job
Prepare to land a college presidency
Prioritizing Administrative Programs and Activities (SCUP)
Prof jokes about shooting students; wins breach of contract claim
Provide access to internships across the college curriculum
Provide leadership through changing times
Recruit and retain top faculty with flexible career policies
Research expectations: When is creative or scholarly achievement considered research?
Respond effectively if you are thrown under the bus
Retain More Online Students With These 8 Best Practices
Review best practices for communicating about tenure, promotion
Review of posthumous degree policies yields options for administrators, faculty to consider
Review practical advice on mixing law and media successfully to manage university crises
Review preliminary results from our survey on professional development for academic administrators
Review the top 10 legal issues deans and provosts should focus on
Stop looking through the wrong end of the telescope: Faculty reappointment and tenure
Supreme Court’s decision raises awareness of religious freedom on campus
Survey Reveals Key Advice for Prioritizing, Eliminating Programs
Take time to see the big picture then break it down to manage multiple initiatives
Use 7 proven strategies that can double your graduation rate
Use Google Maps in academic affairs
Use Technology to Help with Exam Logistics, Measure Learning Outcomes
Use this toolkit to comply with state authorization rules
Use your Search Process to Position New Administrators for Success
Want to know whether you communicate tenure and promotion requirements as effectively as your peers do?
Who is responsible for managing enrollment?
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